Painted Hands

3 Easy Social Tenets – Paint Hands Required

  Three tenets to practice when using any social platform.   With all the information that get’s circulated around the use of social platforms to market your business it often seems we are missing the core essentials. I feel that many people (who not coincidentally profit from teaching social media) […]

lets connect

Be bold and connect

      I want you to be bold today!   One of the scariest things for people to do is reach out, extend themselves beyond their comfort zone, and try something new. Well that’s exactly what this post is about. So you’ll either have to be bold, or jut […]


Podcasts – the great untapped resource

  Are you listening? Are you watching? When you think of new media what do you think of? Most people think of blogging, YouTube, social media, etc. There is another family of new media that has been operating in the shadows of the giants. That medium is Podcasts. Podcasts have […]


YouTube Love 1

  February YouTube Love I’ve recently received a few emails from a couple online marketing guys warning against small businesses using YouTube. I have to say that I totally disagree with them. YouTube happens to be my main platform for ¬†the¬†Amish Road Show, and I love it. I’m watching it […]


Content Chili Cook-off

Welcome to the Content Chili Cook-off! One way that I view creating content is comparable to a chili cook-off. I’m sure that sounds a little strange, but hear me out. The similarities are certainly interesting. When I think of a chili cook-off I imagine a large group of people with […]


Facebook’s punch to the face

Facebook’s new product As you may already know, Facebook has a new product in Beta. This product has the potential to be a game changer for the social networking giant. The question I have is whether this new product is a punch to the face for the social marketing as […]


See Something, Say Something

    So now, what to write about? So now that I’ve laid out the idea for the 365 blog in “Seth’s idea“, the next logical question is what will I be blogging about. I do not intend to carve into stone a set list of topics that I will […]